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The Prince's Revenge (Ch 4 of ALOE) for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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Created by AdamSilversBurner (mod ID: 95970)


ALOE stands for A Legend of Empires, a multi-chapter long series of campaigns coming one after another.

If you have not played the previous chapters, the story will not make sense!

Chapter 1: The Decade's War

Chapter 2: The King's Conquest

Chapter 3: Journey to the Castle

Chapter 4: The Prince's Revenge

Chapter 5: ????????

Chapter 6: ????????

Chapter 7: ????????

If you are having trouble finding any of the campaigns, put ALOE in the search bar and all A Legend of Empire campaigns should show up.

For 20 years, you have been ruling as the king of the world with not too many problems. That is until Prince Arthurus, the last of the Arthurans, decides to do two things as revenge. To destroy your kingdom and revive the Arthuran dynasty. And to kill YOU.




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