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TABS: Total War

Welcome to TABS: Total War. This is a complete overhaul of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator that adds over 120 historically inspired units to the game. It aims to combine the things we love from TABS and Total War into one mod. 11 Factions are currently out, check them out by searching "TABS Total War" in the workshop search bar or by heading to my profile.


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While TABS is a game that centers around randomization, luck, and physics, Total War employs more realistic and tactical strategies to defeat enemies. Not just with pure numbers. To combine these two different worlds, the diversification and emphasis on unit and faction variety will have to be prioritized. The balance of sword wielding melee infantry, defensive spear infantry, ranged skirmishers, and shock tactics used by cavalry* is the prime focus to employ strategy to TABS.

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Melee Infantry

Melee fighters perform well in the offensive, made for killing quickly and decisively. They often forgo armor for increased skill with their blade of choice.

Spear Infantry

The spear is often used in conjunction with a shield, made for defending positions, holding enemies in place, and taking down cavalry. Though traditionally more armoured, their longer spears can prove awkward in close combat and against swords, it proves as a disadvantage.

Pike Infantry

Developed from the hoplite after Alexander the Great's expansion, the pike, or sarissa, is a devastating weapon capable of slaughtering all who come within striking distance. Particulary effective againt cavarly.


From the bow to the javelin, skirmishers are made for distance combat. Exceptional against lightly armoured troops, these fast moving units are capable of also taking dowwn heavily armoured troops if deployed at the flanks, avoiding the large shields of the infantry now locked in combat with the front line.

Javelins and similar skirmishers* generally have higher armor and shorter range than the traditional archer, who also tend to have a faster reload time.

*The pilum is a javelin utilized by the infantry of the Roman Empire, however for the time being, the pilum units will serve as their representation. *



Rome is the dominant power on the Italian peninsula, and stands at a turning point in history. Claiming a line of descent back to Hercules, Romans are not lacking in civic pride. Romans are not lacking in fierceness: their city was founded by Romulus and Remus, twins raised by a wolf. Their armies may have been beaten, but they have always dragged themselves back into any fight, and battled on. And now, surrounded by rivals and potential enemies, Rome faces challenges at every turn. He who rules in Rome can rule the world, but only through the glory of conquest!

Melee Infantry

Rome's pride rests in it's gladius; the melee infantry of the romans challenges even the barbarians to the north. Tough, strong, yet slow, these infantry wield large shields to give attackers little hope of taking them out from a distance.


The youngest and least wealthy of the Empire became hastati, the first line of battle in a Roman Legion. Though by no means a legionnaire, these lighter infantry perform decently in close quarters and hack through most light troops.

20210414000856 1


The classic Roman heavy infantry, able to withstand most attacks with its tough armor and large shield, it is also capable of dealing high damage with its gladius. These tough soldiers are the bulk of the standard Roman army, expected to take as many hits as they dish out.

20210414001016 1


Superb self taught infantry made to fight to the end, these men have little fear of death. Capable of dealing high damage in a short amount of time, these trident armed gladiators are feared in close combat, though at range their little armor and small shield can prove to be little defense against a well placed arrow.

20210414000945 1

Armoured Legionnaire

Tougher, hardened legionnaires, given improved armor and weapons in battle. These incredibly armoured infantry are a deterent to most men, only the best of the best can hope to take these men down.

20210414001056 1

Praetorian Guard

Guards of the Roman Emperor, these hand picked infantry men only know the best of the best when it comes to skill, weapon, and merit. Few face these men and live to tell about it.

20210414001135 1

Spear Infantry

Roman spears were not given great importance, yet generals recognized their value on the battlefield. They were made strong and capable of holding, so the legionnares or archers could do the killing.


These speared auxiliary troops serve also as garrison, town watch, and firemen. Cheap, yet ill-suited for large battles, these men can do their job, but to a short extent.

20210414001211 1


Wealth, experience and age make these battle-hardened veterans a fearsome force. Well equipped for war, these men are the wealthy and patrician representations in the Legion. Only specially trained men could hope to take them down.

20210414001300 1

Missile Infantry

Roman archers were admittedly an afterthought, but one perfected, nonetheless. Though the Syrians, Kretans, and Kushite Archers were the dominant archer presence in the Mediterranean, roman archers and skirmishers should not be underestimated, as they performed to Roman standards.

Light Pilum

Thrown with accuracy, the pilum is a dangerous weapon, no matter the skirmisher. These men are prone to most other skirmishers and close combat, however serve as a cheap and useful ranged unit that serves its purpose.

20210414001337 1

Heavy Pilum

These skillfull skirmishers are used for both ranged and melee attacks, while also sporting heavier armor to tackle whatever challenge they face.

20210414001553 1

Archer Auxilia

Roman archers are supporting troops for heavier infantry, very much a secondary role in Roman warfare.

20210414001640 1



The beating heart of Carthage is the city itself, a major port and bustling trade hub nestling on the North African coast. The Carthaginians are a devout, hard-working people who have spent generations struggling to control the trade of the Western Mediterranean. This has inevitably brought them into conflict with expanding Greek colonies and with the upstart Romans. Traders they may be by choice, but they have become warriors through necessity, and very good warriors at that. Through astute use of mercenaries they have turned their silver into swords.

Melee Infantry

Carthaginian swords lacked at home, yet the vast wealth of Carthago allows for mercenaries to fill in the holes of the army roster.

Town Militia

A sword and a shield is all it takes to lay criminals low at home. However, in dire times even the policing units must be called forth into battle. Cheap, and little real military training, these units can kill, but are not very dependable soldiers.

20210414001840 1

Mercenary Scutarii

The Scutarii are an Iberian mercenary force that are known for their blade. They wear little armour, allowing greater mobility to lure units out of formation and attack them unsupported. They are by no means elite, but well worth the money to get the job done.

20210414001905 1

Libyan Infantry

Libyans are one of the few units provided by the people and state of Carthage. Though not as experienced in battle, they make up for it in fine armour and weapons allowed by the great wealth of Carthage. They have ample training and can go toe to toe with most infantry and dominant lower tiered units.

20210414001939 1

Mercenary Noble Fighters

These Iberian fighters dedicated their culture to mercenary and would often only fight for those who could afford them, many could not. Yet despite the high price, their skill with a blade is unmatched and are known to be one of the most powerful fighting forces available for hire.

20210414002024 1

Spear Infantry

Hoplites from Carthago are made tough and to kill just as much as to hold, however often expensive due to the scattered population of Carthage.

Light Hoplites

Although an older, less honed version, hoplites are hoplites and can be relied on to hold against some, but can be easily overwhelmed.

20210414002044 1

Libyan Hoplites

Recruited from the best of the hoplites, these true Libyans are capable of holding and killing, whichever is needed first.

20210414002059 1

Sacred Band

The toughest of all, these hoplites only serve in the most dire of times. Capable of killing all but the best of infantry and able to hold like a stone wall, these men are feared by all for good reason.

20210414002121 1

Pike Infantry

Though by no means elite, the pikemen of Carthage, modeled after the Greeks, were strong enough for the role desired.

Levy Pikemen

What levy pikemen lacked in fighting skills when compared to professionals and mercenaries, they made up for in numbers. Equipped with long pikes, these levy phalanxes were a formidable wall of spear points.

20210414002150 1

African Pikemen

These armoured pikemen, modeled after the phalanxes from Greece, rival their Hellenestic cousins in their ability to push back foes and slaughter them from a safe distance.

20210414002428 1

Missile Infantry

Through it's extensive trade networks, the Carthaginians were able to hire elite Cretans as a fighting force as well as spear throwing skirmishers from the iberian peninsula to fill in any other role.

Iberian Skirmishers

Equipped with javelins and little else, these skirmishers harried their opposite numbers and peppered hoplite phalanxes before quickly retreating.

20210414002457 1

Mercenary Kretan Archers

Although archery was not highly thought of as a military skill in Greece, Crete produced truly excellent archers who were able to sell their services to the highest bidder as mercenaries.

20210414002531 1



Egypt is the oldest empire in the world. The Nile gave birth to its civilization and sustains the land still. When other empires are long forgotten, the monuments of Egypt will still awe lesser men and remain a power of might, majesty and continuity.

Melee Infantry

The sword wielding infantry of Egypt was strong and elite, utilizing deadly swords and fanatics to scare and beat enemies into submission. Any lesser role was filled with either slaves or mercenaries.

Slave Infantry

Slaves live with death each day; for them, war is just more unpaid work. Easily masseable and having the ability to kill, one dead slave is meaningless in the face of a growing empire.

20210414003009 1

Nubian Swordsmen

The Nubians to the south are a reliable source of fighters; wielding a capable blade, they are well worth the coin.

20210414003026 1

Shotel Warrior

The shotel is well versed against armoured men, able to reach around shields and slice where they are vulnerable, a shotel should always be faced with caution.

20210414003046 1

Disciples of Anubis

A jackal headed warrior fueled with religious fervor makes up for any lack of skill or armour tenfold.

20210414003109 1

Armoured Shotel Warrior

Sporting golden armour in addition to their deadly curved blades, these men are extremely hard to kill. Rightly feared by all, few face a deadlier adversary.

20210414003131 1

Spear Infantry

Spear was not a common weapon in the Egyptian roster, only a few Nubian tribes to the south offered them, and they were adequate at best.

Nubian Spearmen

The harshest landscapes breed the toughest warriors. Nubians are no exception. Able spears, they can be relied upon to hold. but not much else.

20210414003216 1

Pike Infantry

Pikes were unheard of in Egypt and were only recently adapted in an attempt to counter enemy phalanxes and infantry, however they are crude in comparison.

Kushite Pikes

Long pikes make these troops deadly from the front but vulnerable if flanked. While an imitation of the Macedonian phalanx, it pales in comparison in execution.

20210414003428 1

Missile Infantry

The region of Kush provided elite archers, notorious for their armor and precision across the Mediterranean and simpler archers were available for any other small role for a cheaper cost.

Khopesh Shortbows

Given a short ranged bow, these low class egyptians are able to fire volleys of archer fire in short succession, yet are ill faced in combat with other missile troops.

20210414003444 1

Royal Kushite Archer

These archers, drawn from the sons and daughters of the nobility, will stand and fight to the last. Sporting golden armour and able to deal devastating damage, these archers come with a steep, but welcome, price.

20210414003514 1



The warlike Arverni are one of many Celtic tribes in Gaul, and worthy of respect. Sophisticated in war and peace, cultured, and clever, they are descendants of warriors who terrorized Rome, and rampaged as far as Thrace, Macedon and Illyria. Perhaps it is time to take up the sword again.

Melee Infantry

The sword wielding infantry of the Arverni have been perfected beyond generations, few others challenge their powerful roster from their speedy Woad Warriors to their powerful Oathsworn.

Gallic Warriors

The classic barbarian consists of a sharp blade and a hand that knows where to guide it.

20210414003923 1

Woad Warrior

The blessing of the gods is armour enough for any warrior and one with battle-lust in his heart, was an intimidating sight. A warrior who went into battle naked, sure of the protection of his gods, only compounded the unease felt by a foe.

20210414003941 1

Chosen Swordsmen

These men fight with proven bravery and well-honed skill-at-arms. Give a barbarian armour, and the outcome is deadly.

20210414004013 1


Great and terrible oaths should be kept, in blood and by the sword. Not even the fables these men live by compare to their worth in battle. The most fearsome warrior the Celts have ever known kill and breath by their oaths.

20210414004032 1

Spear Infantry

Arverni infantry were some of the most advanced when it came to the spear, putting more emphasis on their ability to kill than hold, at least when compared to other spears across the known world.

Levy Freemen

The chance to win glory and position makes these ill trained men fierce opponents, but most of the time dead ones. The thought of surrender only comes to them after death, which is the case most of the time

20210414004052 1

Spear Warriors

A spear in any hand could kill, given time.

20210414004109 1

Chosen Spearmen

Chainmail does not chill a warrior's heart, or still his lust for battle. Armoured and trained, these hardy men kill and steel the line.

20210414004128 1

Spear Nobles

Nobility has a price to be paid in blood, spear in hand and unflinching before the enemy. Dangerous and near impossible to kill, these men are best to be avoided on the battlefield.

20210414004145 1

Missile Infantry

Arverni archers and skirmishers were not terrible archers or javelinmen in the least, but wore little armour and usually had smaller shields than usual.

Gallic Youths

These young men seek battle to enhance their status and gain experience. When given the choice between a spear and a javelin, is it unwise to choose battle from a distance, or cowardly?

20210414004210 1

Gallic Hunters

During war, even the hunters are called forth, for what changes when taken from a hunt and placed on the battlefield. A steady shot and precise aim, these men make little difference between man or beast.

20210414004228 1



The Thracians aspire to be something greater than a union of like-minded Dacian tribes. Adopting the trappings of civilization alongside a tribal monarchy, the Odryssians speak Greek and have blended Greek military styles with their own. By the beginning of the 3rd century BC, the kingdom's territory has effectively shrunk to a third of its original size. Now, its old enemy - the ever-expansionist Macedon - is rising once again. However, a united Thracia could prove more than a match for its aggressive neighbors, having the potential to conquer the entire region!

Melee Infantry

The Thracians have some of the most ferocious and deadly sword wielding infantry seen by ancient times. With the development of the rhomphaia came the only weapon to halt the Roman advance across the Mediterranean in it's devastating ability to sever limb from limb. Heavily armoured warriors were also recruited to protect these vulnerable warriors from missile fire.

Gallo-Thracian Infantry

The living embodiment of two fine martial cultures, these men are fast-moving, superior melee troops. Gallic influences make these men hardy and Thracian influences make them deadly. This combination makes these men reliable warriors in most situations.

20210415171933 1

Thracian Warriors

The use of the rhomphaia and the devastating charge makes these warriors a force to be reckoned with by all who face them. However, a lack of shield and armour gives these men a frightening advantage in agility, yet a vulnerability at a distance.

20210415172008 1

Tribal Warriors

Fighting in the Celtic tradition, these warriors earned their longswords through many acts of heroism. These men are heavily armoured and play a critical defensive role in the thracian roster, yet can usually be overpowered by most elite units.

20210415172026 1

Thracian Nobles

These fierce men know that noble blood must be proved by drawing the blood of others. Increased skill with the rhomphaia and more armour has led to a deadly result, a fighter that has the capacity to kill any adversary it faces, yet no shield comes with a price, a sharp one shot from afar.

20210415172051 1

Spear Infantry

Thracian spears are only what the local tribes can muster. They do their job, but aren't anything to fear.

Levy Freemen

The chance to win glory and position makes these ill trained men fierce opponents, but most of the time dead ones. The thought of surrender only comes to them after death, which is the case most of the time

20210415172113 1

Spear Warriors

A spear in any hand could kill, given time.

20210415172135 1

Missile Infantry

Thracian skirmishers are capable, yet nothing to brag on, especially when compared to their infantry.

Thracian Peltasts

The art of skirmishing has not been ignored by the warlike Thracians. The art of killing from afar and defending from incoming missiles is a skill prized by these fast moving fighters.

20210415172200 1

Thracian Bowmen

No Thracian warlord ignores the chance to kill an enemy who is beyond sword-reach. Despite these bowmen's lack in armour and skill, a bow should not be discarded lightly.

20210415172221 1

More Coming Soon...


Q: What is the future for TABS: Total War?
A: I have many plans for this project, most of which, however, depends on Landfall adding certain content which is not guaranteed. Horses, chariots, elephants, and more in depth fighting systems all depend on this. Otherwise, however, plans for official campaigns and new factions, as seen below, is already in progress. Also, I am sure unit stats will need to be tweaked to make sure one faction or unit isn't too powerful or useless, so updates fixing stats and prices will also be often.

Q: What is TABS: Total War based on?
A: Major unit and faction inspiration comes from Total War: Rome II.

Q: What are the stats/clothes/abilities of a certain unit?
A: Feel free to ask in the comments and I will provide the details, however I do not (and do not plan to) showcase the design of every unit in this guide.

Q: How many factions are set to be released?
A: Currently, 11 factions are released and they are as follow:
- Roma
- Carthago
- Iceni
- Egypt
- Selucid
- Macedon
- Arverni
- Thrace
- Sparta
- Nabatea
- Seubi
There are an additional 5 factions in plan, that depend on the increase of custom units before implementation, however. They are:
- Lusitani (Spanish-Barbarian mix faction)
- Roxolani (all cavalry faction)
- Pontus (Eastern-Hellenstic-Celtic mix faction)
- Masaesyli (African-Roman mix faction)
- Colchis (Eastern, Spear/Axe focusing faction)

Q: Will horse units ever be implemented?
A: A: Using the UCM Mod, elephants, horses, and chariots are all in the works.

Q: I have a criticism/comment/suggestion for TABS: Total War.
A: Leave all comments concerning the mod in the comment section and I will reply, to the best of my ability, to them all.


1.0 Release (4/10/2021)

Update 1.1 (4/13/2021)

- Lowered Hastati cost from 325 back to 185
- Gave Heavy Pilum clothes

- Removed slow walk from Slave Infantry and Shotel Warrior
- Increased Armoured Shotel Warrior health slightly
- Increased Shotel Warrior damage moderately
- Removed Order Units: Charge ability from Disciples of Anubis
- Gave Knight Charge ability to Disciples of Anubis
- Increased Attack Speed of Disciples of Anubis greatly

- Lowered Silver Shield Pikemen health slightly

- Removed Fencer Dodge ability from all pikemen units

Update 1.2 (4/19/2021)

- Gave Light Pilum and Vigiles shoes

- Raised African Pikemen attack speed slightly

- Changed look of Spear/Sword Band slightly
- Changed Gallic Hunters to Briton Hunters, changing coloring

- Lowered Shotel Warrior attack speed slightly

- changed silver shield pikemen's pike shaft to red
- changed look of silver shield pikemen and silver shield swordsmen
- lowered speed of silver shield pikemen slightly
- removed thorax hoplite
- changed heavy syrian archer's clothes slightly

- lowered thracian warrior attack speed moderately

- lowered thracian warrior and thracian noble attack speed moderately

- Replaced Persian Hoplite with Perioikio Hoplite

- Raised All spear unit's attack speed and damage slightly
- Increased all spear unit's weight by 15%
- Lowered all 2nd and 3rd tier pikemen damage (325 -> 250, 500 -> 350)
- Gave all unit's custom unit cards

Update 1.3 (4/24/2021)

- Completely changed the stats of all units, getting rid of a known bug that gave celtic factions a large advantage in melee combat

- Reworked clothing for Rome and Sparta

- Other minor bug fixes and clothing additions

Leave any suggestions, ideas, or general comments below.


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